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Predictions for Taurus

Relationship in all areas

In the phase of this particular period, you would experience some relief from your regrets and lack of affection from your loved ones. Your secret enemies could try to create some problems between you and your family members. Hence, you should not take any decisions based on someone’s influence. Try to use your common sense and come to a conclusion.


In this period, overall you should not commit anything to anyone because there are chances present that you may lack your commitment and due to this, you might get yourself in some sort of confrontations. You might get good rapport from some influential people.


In this particular time edge your gains and losses would not be equal; you will find more gains rather than losses. Unpredicted fiscal profits may come your way and due to this you will blossom in many ways.


In this period people may avoid you because of your aggression. You may be stressed or tensed because of this. You should indulge in good eating habits and following a proper dietary routine may prove to be highly beneficial for you.


If you are planning to invest in real estate or thinking of buying or selling a vehicle then it is advisable for you to wait or postpone.


If you are organized than you won’t be facing any problems regarding money.

  • Remedies to overcome from monthly obstacles
  • Donate a coconut and sugar in the religious place and it will provide stability and strength on your own.
  • Worship Lord Ganesha and offer sweets on Wednesday. This will make you innovative and enhance your position as well.

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